Objectives and philosophy

Welcome to the «La Estrella del Pez Luna» school

Join us on a short walk through our project, the international school of Active Education in Madrid La Estrella del Pez Luna.

School Principles


Cooperation instead of Competition

Every organism’s survival depends on the cooperation and organization of its cells in order to develop in a healthy way. We see school as a living organism, a home, a shared space of gathering and sharing, where the educational community cooperates and is implied en the care and wellbeing of its members.

Application of this principle:

We reflect this principle mainly in a cooperative learning, with heterogeneous groups, providing communication skills and intelligent human organization, and by applying evaluation methods based on the individual and group processes, instead of base don impersonal standard results.


Getting to know ourselves, discovering ourselves, being connected, and loving ourselves

An education based on developing the interior potential, as a seed that grows and blooms into its self, it requires a profound connection to ourselves, self-knowledge and being conscious of one´s own necessities, motivations and preferences. This connection will be the strong, healthy roots from which the child will learn to connect and interact with the exterior.

Application of this principle:

This self-knowledge is possible by providing our students with Emotional Intelligence tools, communications skills and a methodology based on a Personalized and Active Education.


Clarity, repect and constructive attitude when communicating with others

We believe that one of the most necessary and urgent evolutionary areas in our civilization resides in the way we communicate. It seems fundamental to advance in gaining clarity in the way we understand what is happening to ourselves (self-listening), the ability to communicate it (speech) with respect and following our primary emotions (communication) and listening to the other in search of constructive ways that can meet the needs of all and grow in community.

Application of this principle:

Some of the tools used to facilitate this principle are Active Listening, Non-Violent Communication, Gestalt and methodologies concerning the democratic Education.


To trascend the fear of the different, to gain a wider perspective and to look for enriching ourselves while cooperating

We value diversity and divergence with the purpose to transcend the fear of the different and unknown, and the tendency to uniformity. We believe diversity enriches everyone by gaining a wider perspective of reality and the world we all share, helping us to develop capacities, and adaptive and cooperative skills which are essential for the development of harmony and intelligence.

Application of this principle:

In order to achieve this, we use tools from cooperative learning, self-knowledge, intelligent communication as well as an Individualized Educational Plan, Live and Active which is based on each student and holds the compromise to be an Integral Education which allows for each child to BE, in the diverse aspects. We also have an “Inclusion Plan” which comprehends the integration of children with special educational needs and the access to our Project of families and children at risk of social exclusion.


To choose freely and coherently, trusting oneself and the environment

By developing the sense of being able to choose freely, and to make those choices with responsibility an coherence, our education holds the principle of liberty, respect and confidence to be oneself, to have a personal view over reality, and to be able to choose and develop in one´s own path. In order to gain this, the child will need clear and coherent limits from which he/she can learn to manage frustration, see others and their desires, and develop the creativity needed to reach whatever the child is motivated to achieve.

Application of this principle:

The pillars of a personalized, active and alive education allow this principle to be applied through a relaxed and prepared environment, free games and free movement, self guided learning based on the experience and internal motivation, assistance in each child walking through their own path, and a constructive evaluation system based on the learning process.


In its many aspects: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, cultural, creative and spiritual

The main axis of the work that we do lies on the commitment to support the healthy development of the child in its various dimensions (physical, emotional, intellectual, social and cultural, creative, spiritual) as well as the development of their own identity and personal, community awareness, ecological and planetary (“Where do I come from?”, “Where am I?”, “Where am I going?”).

Application of this principle:

Our schools holds the different material and space needed in order to explore and go in depth in each of this areas, many of which are included in the Official Spanish Curriculum. We also offer activities based on experience learning and the analysis and resolution of actual problems, which are close to and significant to the child. At the same time, techniques and tools guided by Neuro-Education and Subconscious Programming are used in order to enhance autonomy, and to gain awareness of one´s personal strengths and creative potential.


Spaces for sharing, communication channels, taking care of the group and individuals

Apart from understanding school as a home in which the educational community is involved in the child´s care, as mentioned above, we understand this community as a system, a live organism made up by children, staff, families, collaborators and the physical space in which it all takes place.

Application of this principle:

Shared spaces and recreational activities, where the gathering and communication are nurturing and make this commitment possible. This is based on the coherence and the sense of responsibility towards the choice we made by deciding to be a part of this community.


To embrace constant change, transformation and creation, learning from mistakes that allow us to evolve

We believe life to be a process of constant creation, transformation and learning unfolding through an ongoing game of search in which pleasure, preferences and our internal creative impulses are the engine of each step, in which the limits and the difficulties with which we meet in this path constitute the best challenges and sources of creativity and in which error is the richest opportunity for evolution (“Pedagogy of the Search”).

Application of this principle:

Our prepared environment and the accompanying model described in previous points, allow for the development of different processes while maintaining a balance between the chaos and the order that every life and creation process requires.

General Objectives

Our purposes and goals

Awareness and cooperation towards the environment

Transmitting to the children attitudes of awareness and cooperation towards the human, social and natural environment. An attitude towards life that we hope will accompany you along your path and allow you to create a healthy and peaceful environment in yourself and around you.


To facilitate and promote self-knowledge in each child, the connection with oneself, with their own motivations, desires, needs and preferences. To develop the capacity and enjoyment of constant self-discovery and exploration, disregarding labels, not limiting to beliefs or stigmas, rather moving towards the blossoming of their own being.

Diversity and inclusion

To promote an environment that embraces diversity (functional, cultural, learning styles, preferences) promoting inclusion and addressing this diversity in the most personalized way possible, creating an environment where everyone can expand their inner potential, find their place and feel at peace with your beliefs and abilities.

Child development

To encourage each child to feel a profound self-esteem, sense of liberty, respect and confidence to “be”, to have a personal reality and vision, and to choose and find the way to develop their own path within a group/community.

Assistment of personal path

To effectively assist each person path, and the developmental process of each child in our school, attending to their emotional, psychological, physical, intellectual and / or creative aspects as well as the more academic aspects.


To help children develop the sense of “choice” and “responsibility and coherence” towards their own choices.

Frustration management

To support children in frustration management when dealing with limits and challenges that appear in their paths, while transmitting that the limits and the difficulties with which we meet in our paths constitute the best challenges and sources of creativity and that error is the richest opportunity for growth and evolution.


To facilitate tools for an authentic, intelligent, effective and peaceful communication, as well as for the democratic management of human groups while putting them into practice in a daily basis.

Integral development

To assist and promote an integral, healthy and harmonious development of the child in all its dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual, social and cultural, creative, spiritual.

Basic general culture

To transmit and guide the child´s acquisition of a basic general culture, knowledge and experiences that allow the child to understand, adapt and develop in the socio-cultural environment and system in which he/she lives, as well as deepen and specialize in those areas that make him/her feel passionate and arise his/her interest.

Expressive and creative capacity

To encourage the development of the expressive and creative capacity of the child through different means of communication (oral, corporal, artistic, creative…), cultivating his/her inner world and creating bridges and tools to communicate and transform their environment.

Involvement of families

To involve families in the developmental process and learning of their children by including them through different ways in school activity.


To enjoy the stability of a clear, fluid and relaxed organizational structure of the activity of the center from which we can innovate and keep growing.

Friendly environment

To generate a friendly and constructive work environment for the entire school team.

Educational transformation

To collaborate in the educational transformation of our society providing tools and models that promote the improvement of its quality from the development of our research project implemented in the school.